Liturgical Art

Since the early church to present times, liturgical art has been used to spread God’s word and show the passion of his love.  The humble cross or a simple drawing of a fish, were the early symbols for Christianity, followed by sculptures and paintings.

I continue the tradition in sharing the gospel by choosing images reflecting scripture or a snapshot of a scene from the bible.  Each piece I create is created through prayer.  This is one of the many ways I stay connected to God.  It is my hope that a piece will help elevate your own prayer life and connection with God.


The technique I use is called “Repujado”.  This is an ancient art of embossing or pressing shapes into metal to create a design on aluminum, tin, copper or brass. It arrived in Mexico during the Spanish colonization. It was used out of the necessity to protect the icons of the churches from the chandelier smoke, the environment and the time itself. Mexican and South American artisans have used copper and tin for centuries to produce jewelry and ornamental items.  Religious images were embossed on tin metal sheets initially.

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Contact me through email ( or Facebook to inquire about custom orders or sold out pieces. There is an approximate 2 week lead time per piece.

Coming Exhibit

Well I am thrilled to announce that my Art (well God’s art) and I have been invited to be an exhibitor at the 2018 Religious Education Congress this March 16-18th to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center. This is a huge and exciting privilege that I did not think would happen for another few years. I am busy creating more pieces to showcase and am also in the process of updating my website.

Making the decision to dedicate my evangelization and life to Liturgical Art has not been without its challenges but I know this is the path God has me on. Stay tuned for more details and announcements. Hope to see you there.

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