SOLD Last Supper #2

SOLD Last Supper #2

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This is the 2nd time I have created the Last Supper fashioned after Leonardo da Vinci’s painting. I have since researched and learned more about the liturgically correct Last Supper that occurred.  I am still sketching out this version, but have decided to no longer recreate da Vinci’s version unless compelled.

On another note, I took a little creative liberty this time and showed the moment that Judas Iscariot left the dinner before everyone else to continue his betrayal. I was amazed at the conversations it created while it was on exhibit at the LA Religious Ed. Congress, March 2018. Perhaps it will create the same conversations in your home.

Actual embossed image: 8” x 27”

Mounted permanently to board & ready to frame: 12” x 36”